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Verve People ensures all of its employees complete our in-house training programme before they begin any assignment. We believe it is important for all staff to deliver consistent levels of service and excel in their field.

We pride ourselves on market-leading training programmes for all our staff. From our dedicated in-house training departments, we ensure all employees are fully knowledgeable and confident.

We also offer further training to help you progress staff progress their career. This includes:

  • specialist training, such as cocktail making, barista skills, customer service
  • refresher skills and knowledge training
  • wine tasting and knowledge
  • advanced training for promotion



Our very best staff are selected to become part of the executive team. This means higher pay and added responsibility. We also offer the executive team extra in-depth training, monthly team meetings and regular email bulletins.

All our staff take part in a training course which covers everything they need to know about the job role and includes:

  • health and safety
  • service skills
  • industry knowledge
  • customer service

Throughout the training, they are assessed on skills, knowledge, confidence and attitude, followed by a written assessment at the end of the course.

All of our staff are up to date on:

  • current health and safety regulations
  • food hygiene
  • up-to-date waiting-on techniques
  • industry standards
  • fire safety

We like to get the best out of our people, so everyone is offered continued training and development throughout their employment.

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